Six Things You Hope Truck Drivers Are Not Doing

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When a semi-truck and a passenger vehicle collide, the consequences can be deadly. Although accidents happen, there are generally causes for these accidents that could have been avoided. A truck and car accident is often fatal, because the size of the commercial truck makes it a more serious threat to other vehicles on the road. Like any type of accident, each truck accident is unique. However, there are several causes of truck accidents that can often be avoided and Springer & Lyle are here to help if you get injured as a result of a negligent truck driver that fails to take proper … [Read more...]

City of Denton Bans Texting and Other Cell Phone Activities


The Denton City Council voted unanimously to outlaw texting and most usage of mobile phones with the exception of vocal conversation in the entire city excluding interstates and their service roads. The following information is gathered from reports by the Denton Record-Chronicle, The Dallas Morning News, and NBC-5 News. Heated testimony filled the council chamber as citizens reported of incidents where pedestrians and bicyclists are injured as a result of neglectful and distracted driving while using cellular devices. One pedestrian was struck by a vehicle on the historic Denton Square and … [Read more...]

Identifying the Parties at Fault in a Truck Accident Case

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Learning how an accident occurred and who caused the wreck is the first step in deciding who to include in a personal injury lawsuit. This is a complicated process that requires an experienced attorney where a truck accident is concerned. The companies and firms involved in the transport of goods via 18-wheeler can be numerous, and often, more than one party may have been negligent in causing or contributing to an 18-wheeler accident. Potentially liable parties can include: Truck Drivers:  We have handled cases in which drivers have operated 18 wheeler trucks for long hours and were … [Read more...]

Greyhound Bus Drivers say Company Opposes Safety Reform


The Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1700, which represents Greyhound bus drivers, has been speaking out against the company's safety record. "Members of the National Association of Bus Crash Families said they recently learned that Greyhound did not support HR7, a bill introduced by Georgia Democrat John Lewis and Texas Republican Ted Poe. The Lewis-Poe Amendment, as it is known, is identical to language in the MESA Bill, and replaces earlier provisions in the House version with a “Greyhound Compromise.” “We negotiated with Greyhound in good faith and gave up important safety priorities … [Read more...]

1/5 of Commercial Vehicles were Found Unsafe


The Texas Department of Public Safety reports that one-fifth of commercial vehicles they inspected in in 2011 were unsafe: "Since the first of the year, Commercial Vehicle Enforcement personnel and specially-trained Highway Patrol troopers have inspected 331,505 commercial vehicles. As a result of these inspections, DPS removed 66,189 unsafe commercial vehicles and 12,301 unsafe commercial vehicle drivers from Texas roads for a variety of safety violations. “Commercial vehicles are responsible for approximately 15 percent of the fatalities in Texas crashes,” said McCraw. “Most … [Read more...]

American Trucking Associations Support Congressional Mandate for Electronic Logging Devices in 18-Wheelers

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Many 18-wheeler accidents become more difficult to investigate due to missing or incomplete information concerning hours-of-service compliance. Electronic Logging Devices could assist in safety and compliance with federal laws by more closely tracking hours 0f service and other important metrics. The American Trucking Associations, along with other law enforcement and advocacy groups, recently signaled support for such a measure by sending a letter to members of the House and Senate who are currently negotiating safety regulations. “The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has … [Read more...]

Happy Stop The Texts Day!


Distracted driving is a real scourge in our society.  Secretary of Transportation, Ray LaHood, has declared today #StopTheTextsDay asking Twitter for ideas on how best to fight this menace and convince people to put down the phone and drive.   Celebrities like Kasey Khane have even released public service announcements with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration urging drivers to “STOP THE TEXTS STOP THE WRECKS.” Unfortunately, distracted driving isn’t just a problem amongst consumers.  Many employers still have policies that allow, or even encourage employees to use their cell … [Read more...]