What’s an Easement in Texas Real Estate Law?


If you're closing on property in the North Texas area, a real estate attorney from Springer & Lyle can assist you in reviewing the title commitment, title documents, survey, and deed to determine what easements and other interests affect your property. If there are easements, you'll need to know something about your rights and obligations relative to those easements. An easement constitutes a right to use part or all of the real estate belonging to someone else. There are various types of easements. Almost all easements are affirmative in that they permit somebody else to use the owner's … [Read more...]

What is a Valid Last Will and Testament in Texas?


If a Will is going to be probated in Texas, it's required to be in writing. It's also required to comply with certain statutory requirements. If it fails to satisfy those requirements, a court could refuse to admit the Will to probate or only admit portions of the Will. That's why an experienced attorney from Springer & Lyle is critical for drafting your Will. You want it to meet all legal requirements of Texas probate law so that it's a valid testamentary instrument, and you also want your final intentions to be clearly expressed.   A person making and executing a Will is … [Read more...]

What’s Title Insurance and Why Are We Required to Have It?


Title insurance operates to protect a person's loss of their interest in real estate because of defects in the title. So what is a defect in a title? It is a problem with title to your property that could be caused by a lien, mortgage or judgment. It can also be an adverse claim of record like a boundary line dispute or adverse possession. These defects could prevent you from buyer, selling or refinancing your property. Whatever the circumstances of a real property transaction, you want an experienced real estate attorney from Springer & Lyle to protect your interests in the deal. When … [Read more...]

What are the Five Most Common Causes of Spinal Cord Injuries?  


No matter how it occurs, the consequences of a spinal cord injury can be overwhelming for a victim and their family. The medical costs alone over the course of a lifetime are gigantic. Springer & Lyle is a premier Texas catastrophic injury law firm. If you or somebody close to you suffered a spinal cord injury as the result of the negligence of somebody else, you'll want to talk to us about maximizing compensation. Your spinal cord is an assortment of nerves encased in the spinal column. It connects just about every part of your body with your brain. Because the spinal cord controls … [Read more...]

What Do I Ask An Attorney Before Hiring One In My Injury Case?


If you're searching for a personal injury attorney to represent you, you'll be confounded by the multitude of lawyers purporting to be experts in the field of personal injury law. When selecting an accident attorney, don't be afraid to ask these questions, and beware if any answer you receive isn't satisfactory: HOW MANY CASES LIKE MINE HAVE YOU HANDLED? You want an attorney that concentrates their practice in personal injury. The laws and processes involved in injury cases are always changing. You want quality representation from an attorney that's fully familiar and fluent with the … [Read more...]

Business Startup and Litigation

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A business law attorney from Springer & Lyle can be strongly recommended under any number of circumstances.  Here are a few examples of very serious legal issues that might be avoided with an experienced business law attorney from Springer & Lyle. First, you'll want to obtain any necessary permits and file and register the legally required documents necessary to start your business.  This doesn't necessarily require an attorney, but when you're ready to start, necessary documents might not be in order or acceptable. You're then back at square one.   With the help of an … [Read more...]

Myths of Tort Reform in the Health Care Industry Dispelled


While the insurance industry succeeded in convincing legislatures on over half the states that "tort reform" would improve overall health care to the individual care recipients, the notion that doctors would gravitate to practicing "defensive medicine",  prescribing unneeded tests, procedures, and medications to avoid being sued, has been dispelled by a recent major study by the New England Journal of Medicine. They find that tort reform measures specifically designed to insulate emergency room doctors from lawsuits did nothing to reduce the number of expensive tests and procedures those ER … [Read more...]

Can I Avoid Probate with a Texas Revocable Living Trust?


A Revocable Living Trust is an estate planning instrument created by you during your lifetime and is effective in connection with any real or personal property that you place into the trust. Until such time as it's funded with assets, it's just a nullity. When you create the Revocable Living Trust, you're known as the grantor. During your lifetime, you are the trust's trustee, and you have full power and authority to amend the trust, or even revoke it in its entirety and take back title to its assets. Until the time of your death, you are also the beneficiary of the trust. At the same time … [Read more...]

Drunk Driving Accidents Don’t Just Happen to Drunk Drivers


Springer & Lyle notes that every state in the country now has nearly identical laws involving drunk driving or driving under the influence of drugs. Most cases involve a blood alcohol content  of .08 or above. Other cases rely on the arresting officer's observations at the scene of the arrest, while others involve actual medical evidence of intoxication or being under the influence of drugs. The issue is that driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs doesn't only affect that driver. It also affects every other driver, bicyclist or pedestrian around them. Every year, hundreds of … [Read more...]

Never Represent Yourself in an Injury Case


What are the ramifications if you choose to represent yourself for the injuries you sustained in an accident?  Among other things, do you know how to draft an injury lawsuit that will withstand a motion to dismiss? Springer & Lyle drafts and litigates lawsuits. That's just part of their job. Most injury cases arise from motor vehicle or on premises accidents. That means it's highly likely that the person you're claiming against is insured. When the insurance adjuster tells you that they've handled thousands of cases like yours over the years, it might not be an exaggeration. This is … [Read more...]