People are often hesitant to talk about estate planning until it is too late. That is unfortunate because estate planning can enable a person to make his or her own passing much easier for those left behind. A good estate plan will insure that your property is transferred quickly and efficiently to the beneficiaries you name. It can designate caretakers for your children. It will also minimize estate and gift taxes and eliminate the costly and sometimes litigious procedures that result when there is no will. Proper estate planning should include not only the Will, but also documents that allow others to transact business or make difficult medical decisions for you if you become temporarily or permanently incapacitated.

The attorneys at SpringerLyle are trained at helping people create an appropriate estate plan based on your unique interests and goals. In most cases, the firm is able to incorporate a flat fee schedule for these services which includes the initial consultation, document preparation and the will signing ceremony. Plans for couples are also available. If complex tax issues are identified, the firm can recommend tax advisors and other professionals in the geographic area who can analyze your unique situation.