Personal Injury

In the last decade, studies have shown that most lawsuits are settled after a case is filed but before trial. Success, therefore, depends upon the attorneys’ ability to channel the pretrial process in a direction that will likely maximize the client’s goals. Creativity is an advantage. Attention to detail is a necessity. And at the end of the day, you need a lawyer whose efforts will give you real information to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of going on to trial.

Our lawyers understand that if you have to file a lawsuit, or if you are sued yourself, it’s always personal. That’s why we don’t just go through the motions. We get to know you and your case. And we give you real advice based on the facts, not speculation about what a jury might do.

Our personal injury practice includes:

Motor Vehicle and Trucking Accidents:

We have successfully represented hundreds of persons seriously injured in motor vehicle accidents. Often, vehicle claims involve drunk drivers, uninsured drivers (UM Claims), trucking companies, commercial vehicles or trains. When these vehicles are involved, special laws apply, and experience with them is crucial. We have a track record that includes success in all kinds of vehicular accidents. If you have been injured in a serious motor vehicle accident of whatever kind, we can help.

Premises Liability:

We represent persons who have been seriously injured as a result of dangerous property conditions. These cases are hard to categorize, but examples include a client we recently helped who was injured in a construction excavation, and a client who fell from an unsafe, elevated work area. Although we accept these claims, our firm investigates them closely. Premises cases are difficult, because liability depends upon proving that those in control of the premises created the hazard or should have known about it. Often, tying the hazard to an injury cannot be done without competent expert testimony proving that safety measures would have prevented an injury. Because dangerous conditions are often repaired or sites altered soon after an injury, we urge clients to contact us quickly so that we can preserve evidence.

Professional Liability:

Everybody makes mistakes. Not all lawyers understand this. We have experience defending and suing professionals in a variety of circumstances in which the professional’s services are called in question. Our lawyers understand the peculiar challenges these cases present. We do not encourage clients to pursue cases that cannot succeed, and when the professional is our client, we put the claimant to task to achieve the best possible result.

Dangerous Products:

Our society puts a premium on market competition. Sometimes, however, manufacturers cut corners to compete. When cost cutting results in design or manufacturing flaws serious injuries can result. Over the years, our lawyers have successfully handled dozens of cases against manufacturers of toys, pharmaceutical drugs, motor vehicles, construction equipment, and consumer products. Knowledgeable expert help and diligent pretrial discovery are the keys to success in these cases. We have the resources to use these tools to maximize the results in product liability claims.

If you have been injured or sued for personal injuries, contact us today for a free consultation. Our fees for representing claimants are generally based upon a percentage of your recovery, and we offer creative fee structures for the clients we defend. Visit our FAQ section for answers to common questions regarding these types of claims.