Business Litigation

Business disputes often involve complicated fact scenarios and complex legal theories. Success requires advocates with strong investigative and organizational skills, and the ability to understand the complicated laws that apply.

Litigation is also expensive. Traditional fee structures, such as hourly billing, can be burdensome and even overwhelming when a business’s strength has been affected by the very dispute that requires legal services.

At SpringerLyle, we understand that litigation is a serious business issue. Our lawyers have strong academic backgrounds and years of practical experience that equips them to meet the demands of complex business cases. We represent both plaintiffs and defendants, and are open to a number of innovative fee arrangements in addition to traditional hourly billing. In some circumstances, we can also offer contingent fees, shifting all or part of the litigation risk from your company’s balance sheet to our firm’s. If your business is involved in a serious legal conflict, put SpringerLyle at the top of your list of trial firms to interview.