ADR & Mediation

Litigation has always been stressful. The complexities of modern law and business have also made lawsuits increasingly expensive and difficult. As soon as a lawsuit is filed, the dispute is placed into the hands of the lawyers to pursue, and the only relief available is limited, and left for a judge or jury to decide. Many times, parties to lawsuits, regardless of how sophisticated, feel helpless to stop the seemingly endless time and expense involved, and are frustrated with the limited scope of their remedies.

Mediation and other forms of collaborative law seek to change all that. In a mediation, the parties are in control. Instead of being limited to legal remedies, the solutions are limited only by the imaginations of the people involved and their willingness to seek a resolution.

Mediation can be a powerful tool in negotiating solutions to otherwise difficult cases. But this is only true if the mediator brings the right skills to the process. Litigants need mediators who can sort out the facts quickly, gain the trust of the people involved, and understand both sides of a dispute intimately so that a mutually acceptable solution can be found.

Frank Lyle and the other mediators at our firm understand how important these skills are. Their mediations have solved hundreds of difficult disputes over the last several years. If you are about to begin settlement negotiations, their experience, work ethic, and creativity could be the difference in finding a cost-effective solution or ending up in an expensive, burdensome trial.