SpringerLyle is an advocacy firm. We help people who have suffered severe injuries and businesses that are involved in serious legal disputes. We also help clients with real estate transactions, business formation and collaborative family law. Over the years we have represented hundreds of clients in a broad range of situations throughout Texas and sometimes other areas across the country.

Our philosophy is simple: We don’t accept more work than we can handle; what we do accept, we pursue aggressively, based on the interest of the client. Above all we work as a team, setting aside our own egos and desire in favor of achieving the best possible result for our clients.

This philosophy originated with our named partners, two twentyfive-year trial veterans with a unique chemistry and outlook on the practice. Both sons of Denton educators, Jeff Springer and Frank Lyle became friends in the mid-1980s soon after being hired by the same firm. Springer brings a sharp wit and creative energy to the firm. A wordsmith and adept researcher, he has a special way of analyzing and assembling information to cut to the heart of complicated problems. Lyle adds depth of analysis, attention to detail, and relentless determination. He has an uncanny knack for devising a game plan and overseeing its implementation, and few attorneys have his talent for unearthing the small details that often make all the difference in a case. Together, these two men have been able to combine their unique talents to form what many adversaries describe as a formidable trial combination.

The partners’ chemistry pervades the culture at SpringerLyle. Our staff recognizes the importance of remaining constantly aware of the client’s needs and goals, and the value of using teamwork to achieve them.