Transvaginal Mesh Litigation


Transvaginal mesh has become a nightmare for thousands of women who have suffered severe adverse effects involving erosion and migration of the mesh along with perforation of organs from it. Surgical mesh was designed over 60 years ago for repairing hernias. It's a woven material made of synthetic or biological materials that usually comes in a prepackaged kit along with tools to aid in the surgical procedure. Because mesh was widely successful in the treatment of hernias, surgeons began using it in other parts of the body that needed support. About 20 years later they began inserting it … [Read more...]

Tort Reform in Texas Reduces Likelyhood of Ebola Lawsuits

Texas State Capitol

As the recent Ebola scare seems to have subsided, we have a rest from the outcries of many onlookers who question the handling of such serious cases and focus on need for astute measures to prevent an outbreak such as is running rampant in west Africa. But it is unlikely that the courts will see any measures take from the effected or the worried onlookers since Texas has enacted strict measures limiting the liability of treatment facilities. Read this article in The Texas Observer, also found in The Guardian, reporting on where we stand in relation to our government and corporate health … [Read more...]

Attorneys Refusing Medical Cases


There is problem faced by many who are harmed in a medical setting: Attorneys refuse their cases, not because the harm didn’t happen but because the potential economic damages are too low. It’s estimated that hundreds of thousands of patients a year suffer some type of preventable injury or die while undergoing medical care. For many of these patients or surviving family, a lawsuit is the only hope to recover losses, learn the truth about what happened and ensure the problem is corrected. But lawyers may have to invest $50,000 or more to pursue a case, and they usually only get paid if they … [Read more...]

Callous Workers Comp System To Blame for Unnecessary Injuries and Deaths

Texas State Capitol

Houston Chronicle Columnist Patricia Kilday Hart reports how legislative "reforms" that favored insurance companies have gone too far. Delays in response to doctors' recommendations led to the premature fatal condition of a Harrison County deputy sheriff who was injured in a high speed chase. Read this compelling article from the Houston Chronicle, August 25, 2013. Further … [Read more...]

Growing Numbers of Medical Mistakes Claiming Lives of Patients

medical emblem

How many lives are lost each year as a result of mistakes made by the medical profession? Over ten years ago, the number reported by the Institute of Medicine was 98,000. That was in the organization's famous report known as the "To Err is Human" report. Originally desputed, that number has become widely accepted but similar estimates have more than doubled, perhaps quadrupled. As reported by the Journal of Patient Safety, more than 400,000 patients suffer premature death as a result of preventable harm to patients and that "serious harm" could be 10 to 20 times that number. Below is an … [Read more...]

The Extent of Deaths as a Result of Medical Errors is Astounding

Chesley Sellenberger

200,000 people a year - that's what some estimates say. Politico.Com reports that Captain Chesney Sullenberger, airlines pilot known for the "Miracle on the Hudson", now campaigns for awareness of this staggering figure that is the equivolent of "20 Airline Crashes a Week". What if the airlines collectively were responsible for such a huge number of deaths? The news media would never stop reporting. The government would bring commercial aviation to a halt. But behind a curtain of privacy, in the quiet hallways of hospital wings across the United States, this is actually what is happening... … [Read more...]

Rural Hospital Owner and Doctor Goes to Jail

After years of reported neglect going unaddressed, after years of reported fraudulent charges to the government form falsified documentation of treatment, after directing employees to alter information in insurance claims, after adding conditions to patients' charts whom the doctor had never seen.... After at least three patient deaths as per the records of the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Dr. Tariq Mahmood is behind bars. But for what? For failure to pay property taxes. This is the result of inadequate, fragmented oversight by Federal and State agencies who lack … [Read more...]

USA Today Study Reveals Unnecessary Surgeries and Their Impact


The following article published in USA Today, reports of tens of thousands of unnecessary surgeries every year. The article includes examples and testimonies from those who suffered from these oversights and the serious impact that was caused. Article is included in this post. Click here to read the original by Peter Eisler and Barbara Hansen of USA Today. A USA TODAY study found that tens of thousands of times each year, patients undergo surgery they don't need. Jonathan Stelly was 22, a semi-pro baseball player aiming for the big leagues, when a fainting spell sent him to his cardiologist … [Read more...]

Amputee Faces Hospital Legal Fees After Seeking Losses


The following from the Texas Tribune, reports that a San Antonio woman is caught between the errors of medical staff and Texas legislation referred to as "tort reform" resulting in a punitive back-fire for seeking compensation for her losses. Read the following article by the Texas Tribune's Becca Aaronson, dated January 25, 2013. Despite Counsel, Amputee Hindered by Tort Laws When Connie Spears arrived at a Christus Santa Rosa hospital emergency room in 2010 with severe leg pain, she told medical staff about her history of blood clots. Doctors sent her home with a far less serious … [Read more...]

Research Worldwide Shows Tanning Beds Present Risk of Cancer


The following report from Bloomberg Businessweek informs us how study after study, all over the world, demonstrates health hazard caused by exposure to ultra violet rays produced by tanning booths, beds, etc. Any exposure to UV rays causes a weakening of the immune system spurring susceptibility to all types of cancer, especially to the three main forms of skin cancer including the number one danger, melanoma. Read the entire report below posted by  Jason Gale on December 03, 2012. Teenage girls trading the risk of deadly melanoma for a year-round tan have helped spur a global backlash … [Read more...]