Tort Reform in Texas Reduces Likelyhood of Ebola Lawsuits

Texas State Capitol

As the recent Ebola scare seems to have subsided, we have a rest from the outcries of many onlookers who question the handling of such serious cases and focus on need for astute measures to prevent an outbreak such as is running rampant in west Africa. But it is unlikely that the courts will see any measures take from the effected or the worried onlookers since Texas has enacted strict measures limiting the liability of treatment facilities. Read this article in The Texas Observer, also found in The Guardian, reporting on where we stand in relation to our government and corporate health … [Read more...]

Air Bag Recall Expands as More Lawsuits Appear


Takata Corp makes airbags used by several auto manufacturers, nine total including Toyota, Honda,  and Chrysler. News of more lawsuits followed Toyota's recall of nearly a quarter-million vehicles and U.S. safety regulators advise drivers to have their airbags replaced as soon as possible. Read the article by Reuter's Ben Klayman posted Tue Oct 21, 2014.   … [Read more...]



Mediation is a powerful tool and a viable option when looking at the expense and time involved with litigation. This method of resolving disputes enables each party to have more control and be more creative in the final outcome of the case. … [Read more...]

Casualties of the “Texas Miracle” Economy – the Dead and Injured


The workers who continue to build the "Texas Miracle" economy that Texas statesmen claim responsibility for suffer the consequences of stripped-down recovery plans and limited legal rights. The fallen and/or their families face a bewildering bureaucracy, unwinnable disputes, and a government that does little to protect them. The statistics offer a compelling story and the Texas Tribune shares these along with the stories of seven Texas workers and their families who, despite their ardent work ethic and dedication to their communities now face a startling new day of dismay. Read the full … [Read more...]